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Bilancia18.jpgThe pattern of sky at our births is unique and unlikely to be repeated for many thousands of years. It is made up of planets, stars and their division into 12 sectors, called houses. The 1st house begins with the Ascendant, which is defined as the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, varying by 1° every 4 minutes, so that in 24 hours it covers all the signs. It can therefore be found at any place along the ecliptic. Its position is calculated from the time of birth, taking into consideration the latitude and longitude of the place of birth and any time changes, such as summer time. Those born at dawn usually have the Ascendant in the same sign as their Sun.

The opposite is true for a birth at sunset, i.e., the Ascendant in the sign opposite their Sun sign.

Libra with a Libra Ascendant
Those born at dawn between end September and October, at about 7a.m., are dynamic, enterprising, and more lively than the average Libra appears to be. Strong artistic and creative interests. They find it difficult to free themselves of a conservative style of education which can hold them back a bit.

Libra with a Scorpio Ascendant
This is a meeting between two signs highly involved on a psychological and psychoanalytical level, determining an aware and non-superficial personality, diplomatically very able and interested in knowing others. Good sense of command and possibility of success in life.

Libra with a Sagittarius Ascendant
This is a likeable combination giving a curious nature. A good communicator, slow to mature and always young at heart. They can be very successful in fields such as teaching. Success also with social relationships and in jurisprudence and law.

Libra with a Capricorn Ascendant
Childhood leaves its marks on this personality, conditioned by schemes that are difficult to get rid of. One solution could be to travel, moving far away from the customary places. A lively intelligence aids successful achievement, even in medical or paramedical fields.

Libra with an Aquarius Ascendant
Lively stimulus triggered by education, creating the basis for strong personal independence accompanied by certain rejection of tiring rules. Selective in their choice of partner. This personality can travel the world and choose their definitive path through experience.

Libra with a Pisces Ascendant
Two special signs for an original, out of the ordinary individual. Considerable sensitivity, good taste, a certain fragility that can be overcome with courage. It is best to be inspired by wise people who can give good advice, and not let the imagination take over.

Libra with an Aries Ascendant
The Aries drive is precious to Libra, giving it strength and decisiveness to act. Couple relationships are fundamental here, as are social ones. Success is connected to strong ambition, also together with their partner, and the search for the perfect union.

Libra with a Taurus Ascendant
Here is a strongly Venusian combination, given that they are both signs ruled by Venus. Their sense of aesthetics can be expressed through their professional choice or through a hobby. They see things for what they really are and sometimes end up choosing a partner from a lower social class to their own, who they dominate.

Libra with a Gemini Ascendant
Two Air signs form the supports of this very lively and intelligent, though slightly scattered, personality. Their independence, being able to move about freely and not having to subject themselves to rigid patterns is very important to them. They have sense of drama about life and a deep love of their children.

Libra with a Cancer Ascendant
Two very important sign characterise this original combination,. Family conditioning takes a long time to get away from. There is a certain sense of 'grandeur' that urges them to overspend, and serious control is needed in this sense.

Libra with a Leo Ascendant
This is quite combination. Leonine pride, aware of its social qualities, gives a strong push to the balanced nature of Libra. There is an awareness of their background and roots, for which can be a little snobbish, but also naive and very pleasant in the way they do things. Applause is assured.

Libra with a Virgo Ascendant
These two neighbouring signs describe a personality that needs security, a regular timetable and a well organised life, with a strong drive towards financial independence and a preference for commercial or intellectual professions. Good talent for finances.