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bilancia19.jpgAt the end of summer in and around the Mediterranean area the length of the days begin to equal the length of the nights. This is the time of the autumnal Equinox, which astrologically marks the beginning of the sign of Libra. Astrology observes the affinity between the seasonal evolution and the nature of the person born into that time of year. In ancient times the Zodiac was first formed by 10 signs, passing to 11 before finally ending up with 12. The last sign to be included in the Zodiac was Libra, formed by detaching the pincers from the sign of Scorpio.

The scales of Libra, symbol of equilibrium and justice, are said to be continually weighing things up without stopping, which illustrates the problem with finding a balance that is common to this sign.
Libra belongs to the element of Air and is a cardinal sign, as it denotes the change of season, in this case from summer to autumn. In the evolution of the signs, which records the history of humanity, the sign of Libra corresponds to union, marriage, codes of rules and codified relationships between people, contracts and the administration of justice.
In antiquity there were only seven known celestial bodies and 12 signs, so each planet, with the exception of the Sun and Moon, were assigned the rulership of two signs. Venus was assigned to Taurus and Libra. She describes a nature desirous of harmony that she searches for within herself.
Libra is a sign of beauty, communication, seduction and evident charm. In nature it corresponds to one of the most peaceful times of the year, when the heat of summer has died down, harvesting time is over, colours of nature transform from green to yellow and the agriculture cycle comes to its close. There are signs that things are finishing but it is the next sign, Scorpio, that takes on the terminal characteristics.
The beauty of nature, the serene landscape and mild climate all influence the nature of those born at this time of year, whose search for peace and inner tranquillity is a fundamental objective in life. this is however a 'masculine' sign and should not be underestimated with regards to the depth of its nature, that is well organised and knows what it wants from life.
The psychological path of the signs is well defined: the impulsiveness of Aries, the common sense of Taurus, the mental curiosity of Gemini, Cancer's attachment to its roots, Leo's fair-play, Virgo's analytical spirit... it is now up to Libra to go beyond individual concepts to be able to embrace collective ones. Libra is the seventh sign, exactly opposite Aries and therefore considered a symbol of relationships, either social or personal, with others and between the couple. This is a highly psychological sign.