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Leovirgo.jpgOne often hears the word 'ascendant', which from ancient astrology has given us the common expression 'to have ascendancy' over someone, in the sense of exerting influence or control. The Ascendant is the zodiac sign ascending, or rising, over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth and is calculated according to the day, month, year, time and place of birth. It changes throughout the day and can therefore fall in any one of the twelve signs. The Ascendant is the starting point for the division of the zodiac into the astrological houses, each one representing a different area of our life; the 1st - education and childhood, the 2nd - money, the 3rd - studies and siblings, the 4th - family, the 5th - children and love, the 6th - health and work relationships, and so on ... a kaleidoscope that tells the story of our life.

Leo with a Leo Ascendant
With this combination there is a high concentration of energy, a strong and loyal spirit, highly 'charged' up inside. For this reason traditional values and ideals in life are strongly felt. A little theatrical, has fixed opinions, and runs the risk of becoming too rigid.

Leo with a Virgo Ascendant
A balanced mix, the certainty of the Leo component offsetting the doubts and alternatives of the Virgo. Methodical, punctual with well consolidated habits. Strong interest in psychology and self-analysis.

Leo with a Libra Ascendant
The Leonine fire is fed by the Venusian air of Libra, creating a pleasant, old-fashionedly polite individual, that often bases their choices in life on friendship. Good intellectual stimuli, good taste and attracted to the elite. Strong sense of communication.

Leo with a Scorpio Ascendant
This is a stimulating combination with many contrasts, but where the luminous solar nature of Leo in enriched by the depth of Scorpio. Strengthens ambition and aims at the assertion and evolution of the inner nature, with inevitable toil.

Leo with a Sagittarius Ascendant
Two different types of fire unite here in the same personality, possessing enthusiasm and liveliness of spirit. The maturing process is a slow one and personal realisation takes a long time. This type of nature knows how to attract others!

Leo with a Capricorn Ascendant
This is a person that doesn't pass unnoticed. A person sure of their own worth, who needs to follow their own complex path, based on an educational traditionalism. This will be useful later to exercising freedom of action with moral courage and decision.

Leo with an Aquarius Ascendant
This combination is the synthesis of two opposites. Social, personal and couple relationships get the upper hand over other factors in life. These individuals project themselves through discussion and stimulating dialogue, and have a special nature.

Leo with a Pisces Ascendant
Imagination and creativity are the bases of this creative person who moves lively about their world. This person often gets good results from their choices in life. Selective in analysing possible partners, usually ending up following their heart rather than reason.

Leo with an Aries Ascendant
Here is a lively, enthusiastic, simple and loyal personality that fights sportingly in life, concentrating on their own inner strength on their children. Competitive, fixed opinions which are difficult to shake, appearing more resolute than what they really are.

Leo with a Taurus Ascendant
This personality does not go unnoticed. It is formed by two stimulating and lively psychological components. Good practical sense, a clear idea of values, strong sense of the family and tradition. Pride needs to be kept under control with appropriate self discipline.

Leo with a Gemini Ascendant
Positive intellectual curiosity (accompanied by valuable family encouragement) is the basis of this pleasant, kind, happy nature, with a wealth of interests. Professionally independent, interested in meeting people, with a strong sense of hospitality.

Leo with a Cancer Ascendant
The past, family, tradition and roots are fundamental to a nature that has to discover what happened in the past before being able to go courageously towards the future. A need for certainties and tranquillity, for an evolution that is really important.