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Ariete118.jpgPeople today are usually well informed about the location of their Ascendant, which varies according to the time of birth. An Aries can therefore have the Ascendant in any one of the twelve signs. The Ascendant is the zodiac sign ascending, or rising, over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth and is calculated according to the day, month, year, time and place of birth. The Ascendant is the starting point for the division of the zodiac into the astrological houses, each one representing a different area of our life. The Ascendant signifies inheritance, education and childhood, relationships with the family and ancestors. Also the physical aspect is conditioned by it and it is fundamental to the analysis of the birth chart. The Ascendant often falls in one of the parents' signs, more often the mother's, creating a certain affinity between the two.

Aries with an Aries Ascendant: This indicates that the person was born at dawn. They are gifted with exceptional energy, capable of doing hundreds of things without ever tiring. The father is usually well loved and occupies an important role in the person's life. Virtues and defects are rather clear-cut, such as their proverbial frankness.

Aries with a Taurus Ascendant: Family education tends to give things there true value, also in practical and financial terms. Problems early in life, convictions need to be clear and precise. High ambitions and psychological aptitude.

Aries with a Gemini Ascendant: Considerable intellectual vivacity. Education encourages cultural, literary and travel choices. Good communicator. Aspires to be independent professionally and to originality of thought. The home must be beautiful and comfortable, e refuge.

Aries with a Cancer Ascendant: The family largely conditions the aspirations and choices of this individual, limiting the impulsiveness of Aries. Ties and relations are taken very seriously. High value is placed on friendship, which can override the importance of other things. Good financial results with regards to work.

Aries with a Leo Ascendant: The combination of these two fire signs makes for a freedom-loving, enthusiast, sporting and lively personality, inclined to face life proudly and boldly. Usually comes from a good family or social background, and well educated. Ambitious. Excess pride needs to be tempered.

Aries with a Virgo Ascendant: A methodical person, in need of security, a regular timetable and careful organisation in life. Can count on good prospects of inheritance and can be successful in commercial activities. This person is a lover of nature and the countryside. Good talent for business.

Aries with a Libra Ascendant: These are two opposite signs. Social and personal relationships take precedence over family ones as these relationships are fundamental to them. Good ability for securing financial independence in life.

Aries with a Scorpio Ascendant: Family problems in early childhood can strengthen this person's character. Strong intuition and sometimes psychic ability. Social position is usually superior to that of origin. A hard worker and proud of their objectives reached.

Aries with a Sagittarius Ascendant: The combination of these two fire signs ensures that this person does not go unnoticed. Dynamic, hospitable, with a well founded faith in life and the future. Slow to mature, which accounts for a changeable nature. Love of travel. Needs to invest life with an ideal value.

Aries with a Capricorn Ascendant: Old-fashioned education, conservative, traditional. Ambitious and great desire to achieve. Good aptitude for studies that will be useful in life. success can come through carrying on family traditions. Tendency to dominate in couple relationships.

Aries with a Aquarius Ascendant: Strong love of personal freedom and independence, and a desire to escape. Projects for living abroad are possible and to make a comfortable living. Looks for a partner of good social standing and chooses carefully on the basis of precise requisites.

Aries with a Pisces Ascendant: The sensitivity of Pisces softens the aggressiveness of Aries to positive effect. The outcome can be good, creative and original. High energy and an invincible spirit. Religious and philosophical inclinations, though inevitably some naivety.