Health and Vitality

Toro90.jpgThe idea of Taurus calls to mind the image of the charging bull, steaming at the nostrils, with verve and an insatiable desire to live. The natives of this sign follow this ideal model, live tenaciously, eating well and drinking good wine, rarely succumbing to illness, fighting it day by day without giving in.

Due to their strong constitutions they tend to underestimate aches and pains, signs of tiredness and getting run down. The throat, larynx and pharynx, and in some cases the hearing, constitute the classic weak points of the sign, together with the endocrine glands and the gall bladder in particular. The proverbial gourmet appetite of the sign can also create problems for the liver. In other cases the thyroid can signal possible imbalances that should not be underestimated or overlooked. Infections of the oral cavity and dental problems, as well as the urinary-genital-anal tract problems (due to a question of astrological opposites) should be carefully treated. It sometimes happens that Taurus is fragile and lack in appetite during the first years of life, but they become more robust as they grow to adolescence, to the surprise of those who thought they were weaklings.
Also the seasons are important. Spring, between May and June, is the ideal period for this sign, whereas autumn and winter weakens them. Sugar can create problems for some sweet-toothed Taurus, adding kilos and overtaxing the heart. Methodical gymnastics, at home or at the gym, yoga or other practices for keeping in shape, are ways of safeguarding their reserves of energy.