Taurus and the 12 Ascendants

Toro125.jpgIt is always difficult to discover the exact time of birth, though certain countries require it for the registration of birth, making it easy to find this essential detail for calculating the Ascendant. This is the degree of the Ecliptic on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth. In 24 hours the Ascendant can be located anywhere along the 360° of the Zodiac thereby offering all possible combinations of sign and Ascendant. Those born at dawn will have their Ascendant in the same sign as the Sun, while the opposite is true for a birth at sunset, the Ascendant being in the sign opposite the Sun.

Taurus with a Taurus Ascendant
Here is a decisive, energetic individual, a hard worker, often following in the family line of business from adolescence onwards, and upholding family traditions. They are more inclined to the practical than the theoretical, sophisticated in some things and naive about others.

Taurus with a Gemini Ascendant
Education encourages them to learn and go out towards the world, thereby acquiring a strong sense of freedom and independence and choosing original paths in life. Strong interest in psychology. Uses money as a means to an end.

Taurus with a Cancer Ascendant
These two 'feminine' signs combine to form refined and analytical person, who at times can be a little pedantic. The family, especially the mother, are very important. Basic decisions in life are only taken when they feel mature enough and sure of themselves.

Taurus with a Leo Ascendant
This is a person, of lively contrasts, who does not pass unobserved. They are very self-willed and in some cases authoritarian. Proud of their social standing and family background. Their convictions and decisions can at times be too rigid, but they are never banal.

Taurus with a Virgo Ascendant
These are two Earth signs, both feeling the need for wise organisation, economic security, routine and a regular lifestyle. They can made mistakes for fear of taking a risk and unexpected changes forcing them into giving up something.

Taurus with a Libra Ascendant
These two signs, both ruled by Venus, describe a refined person with a good taste, demanding with regards to life's comforts, a lover of good food and easily flattered by romantic attentions. Rather conservative and traditional education, tact and savoir faire.

Taurus with a Scorpio Ascendant
This is the combination of Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. It describes an individual who tends towards self-analysis and reflects for a long time before acting. Sometimes they can suffer from traumatic childhood memories and a difficult adolescence. They are great observers.

Taurus with a Sagittarius Ascendant
The Sagittarian element relieves the nagging worries of the Taurus, making them more serene. Their temperament can at times be intriguing, carrying a spirit of adventure with them from childhood, as well as a strong religious sense. Parenthood gives them a sense of fulfilment.

Taurus with a Capricorn Ascendant
Strict education and strong ambition leave their mark on this character, who is destined to cover a lot of ground before reaching their decided objective. They dislike wasting time and are prepared to work very hard for recognition.

Taurus with an Aquarius Ascendant
This is a strange mix of geniality and traditionalism, innovation and laziness, in a person who is destined to strive towards things which are very different from those proposed by family and their education. Later on, they often need to go over their tracks ...

Taurus with a Pisces Ascendant
This is a calm, methodical person, slow in getting to where they want to go. Their achievements are usually positive and concentrated on financial independence. They have an appreciable talent for wise administration and finances, but they also love spending ...

Taurus with an Aries Ascendant
These two zodiacal animals concentrated in the one person give strong instinct and the ability to react on immediate impulse. They have tremendous energy which can be calmed by a Venusian partner. Love can bring equilibrium.