Venus, Ruler of Taurus

venere888.jpgEach zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, and in this case Taurus is privileged by the favours of Venus-Aphrodite, the uninhibited goddess of love, the morning and evening star, protectress of sailors and excellent inspirer of love and aesthetic qualities. Her birth is indicative of her passionate nature. During the power struggle on Olympus, when Saturn-Chronos castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitals into the Mediterranean Sea. From the drops of blood from his penis that fell into the waters round Cyprus, a wonderful creature emerged from the sea, fruit of so much vitality - the splendid and fascinating Venus, dangerous in her unconstrained love affairs, as for example with the Trojan war. Wife of Vulcan-Hephaestus and passionate lover of Mars, she also seduced most of the gods on Olympus, capable of arousing their desire with her subtle art and never tiring of amorous skirmishes.