Taurus: Sign of Harmonious Possession

Toro119.jpgThe ancient, wise watchers of the Heavens gave the zodiac signs names connected to the agricultural, meteorological and seasonal periods of the year. Between 21 April and 20 May vegetation and flowering develops, animals mate, nature recuperates its vigour and stabilises after the rigours of winter and the evolutionary and creative drive of spring. The sequence of the signs is a continual repetition of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The bull, an animal which has long been worshipped in the Mediterranean area, symbolises agriculture, the seasonal movement of tribes and livestock to new pastures, a testimony to ancient times when the rhythm of life was totally tuned to the needs of the flock - the heritage of wealth of the human community, a settlement of related groups, which were regulated by strict and precise laws.

Those born under the sign of Taurus draw a sense of harmony from this symbiosis with nature (many of the sign are good at drawing, geometry and painting) and the desire to possess, not a predatory desire but one for a comfortable life, slightly hedonistic and very enjoyable, satisfying and constructive. A rustic atmosphere, of peace and harmony, is a need and aspiration for Taurus, at times not very related to the hot-tempered bull that symbolises it, though even the most pacific Taurus is not to be underestimated for its 'fatal ire', rare but very intense anger when extremely irritated.
Venus-Aphrodite ruled this sign, that adores the more tangible and fascinating aspects of love, food and pleasure in a healthy and natural way. all this can be summarised by a love of beauty and form, for all that can bring harmony to life. The adjective Taurean well describes the tenacious and strong-willed spirit of the natives of this sign, capable of working dedicatedly to achieve their objectives, without any fuss, in a constructive silence full of stimuli and creative inspiration. Even their apparent 'laziness' can sometimes constitute one of the peculiar characteristics of this sign, that because they get so involved in their strategic plans, they sometimes spend healthily lazy periods of relaxation during which their creative qualities are heightened and work out a course to follow later on.
Taurus is a feminine sign, according to an astrological classification which sometimes arouses protest from macho and virile males, but this ancient rule is not sexual reference, but refers to the refinement of the sign and its connection the Venus, symbol of love in a universal sense. There is no lack of illustrious scientists and philosophers, agriculturalists of merit, refined and able commercial dealers, beauticians and tango dancers, in a combination that would enchant those that go into the complex but fascinating psychology of these Venusian subjects, anxious to be able to touch, stroke feel and get close to the face of their object of desire.