Scorpio in Love with the 12 Signs

Scorpione30.jpgWhen passion is one of the fundamental driving forces in life then falling in love has great intensity, and all the signs can offer alluring incentives.

Scorpio in love with a Scorpio: This encounter is not very frequent. Loving oneself mirrored in a pool of water like Narcissus is not easy. There is the advantage of being confronted with one's own reality, but the position of the other planets can define a different approach to love. Passion is intense and lasting.

Scorpio in love with a Sagittarius: These are two neighbouring zodiac signs so it is possible that Sagittarius has Venus in Scorpio or vice-versa. The second sign works beneficially on the first, giving a more optimistic and serene vision of life, but which can sometimes seem a little superficial to Scorpio. This union can be enduring.

Scorpio: In the End, a Beginning

Scorpione32.jpgIn our temperate region the period between 22 October and 21 November corresponds to the conclusion of the agricultural year, and in Italy to the feast of St. Martin which signalled the end of the agricultural contacts. For the farmers this is a calm period of rest after the summer harvest, and storing it away for the long winter ahead. It is the beginning of the cold weather but also the period suitable for seeding. Scorpio corresponds to the moment of fertilisation, to the preparation of the ground and vegetation in its germinal state, carefully kept by mother-earth during the winter season, the beginning of a subsequent prosperous evolution and maturation. This is a zodiacal sign that symbolises the 'end' of things, so it is not surprising that it includes Halloween, All Soul's Day (2 Nov.), and Remembrance Day (11 Nov.).