Sagittarius: Sign of Exploration and Knowledge.

sagittario221.jpgAbout the 20th of November the days become shorter and the light starts to visibly fade, anticipating the mystery of Christmas. The Sun sails along the Zodiac through its ninth sign, the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the greatest of the gods on Olympus. Jupiter was called 'the Greater Benefic' by the ancients as he conferred nobility of spirit and a spirit of justice. Sagittarius is a 'mutable' sign, in that it comes at the end of autumn and is very close to the beginning of winter, therefore taking some of its characteristics from both seasons.

The Romans called this sign 'Arcitenens' - the Archer, as he held a bow and arrow poised in his hands, ready to be fired. It is the only 'armed' sign of the zodiac, even though it is neither an overly competitive nor aggressive sign. It is more the sign of philosophy, travel and knowledge, the archer's arrow pointing towards the unknown, pushing him to face ever new experiences on his journey through life. Sagittarius is one of the fire signs, the sequence beginning with Aries, the creative spark and igniting point of combustion, followed by Leo, the spreading fire, ending with Sagittarius, the blue flame which burns beneath the ashes. It may appear there is no more danger of fire, but fires can still be flamed from dry wood.
People born at this time of year are no longer characterised by Scorpionic pessimism, but inspired by the hopes of nearby Christmas, and begins preparations for large winter banquets. The sacrificing of a pig was the prelude, in an agricultural society, to the preparation of cured meats and succulent roasts, while typical fruits of the colder season, were consumed with relish. Larders were filled with provisions gathered during the summer - jams, pickles and preserves, the kitchen took on a festive air, the goose was fattened for the gourmet speciality, foie gras ... all this describing typical Sagittarian characteristics; love of the good life, a generous host, a knowledge of the customs of cultures different to his own, preparing himself for the religious rites in a spirit of boyishness and naivety.
Sagittarius is a 'masculine' sign, courageous and enterprising, with a strong love of a personal liberty that he will not easily give up. Naive, generous, altruistic, not particularly interested in accumulating great wealth, satisfied with finding something really interesting to do in life: travelling, finding out about things, teaching, law and its administration, religion are all some of the 'missions' he can take on, regardless of the situation he was born into. He is an original character with a profound desire to always go beyond. In the evolution of the Zodiac, primitive man discovered justice in Libra, war and death in Scorpio, and finally, in Sagittarius, he acquired religion, a desire to know who he is, where he has come from and where he is going in this brief span of human existence.