Health and Vitality

Bilancia550.jpgOne of the first physical characteristics of those born under the seventh sign of the zodiac is an apparent robustness that does not often correspond to the real situation. Attention needs to be paid to getting sufficient rest, without expecting to much from themselves in the course of the day and wasting lot of nervous energy. They are ideally suited to a comfortable, calm and sedate life, also from a financial point of view, and a profession that seems more like a worthwhile hobby. These are the bases for living a long life, firstly, in harmony with themselves, then with the rest.

The ancients, taking a drawing of the human body, connected each part of it to a particular zodiac sign. Libra corresponds to the urinary tract, as a part of a sequence starting from the head-Aries down to the feet-Pisces. From this it can be seen that Libra needs to keep an adequate check on any possible urinary problems, treating it carefully to avoid infections and cystitis. They also need to protect themselves, with opportune and relaxing breaks, from possible depression and moments of tiredness that can easily wear them down. Libra is also the sign of exaltation for Saturn and as such indicates the need to keep an eye on bones, teeth, joints, especially while playing sport.
Food and style of eating need to be carefully watched, to avoid unpleasant accumulation of fat that can be a serious problem to face, and may be the eventual consequence of certain nervousness. As this is a sign of balance it is important to reach an inner and outer equilibrium, creating the promise of good and lasting health. This is indispensable for preserving beauty and charm, which are useful to the Venusian psychology of this sign. It is therefore forbidden to exaggerate in any way, acting calmly and respecting the rules of good health, 'measuring' the sacrifices that it requires with indulgence.