The Myth of the Sign

Bilancia554.jpgThe Venusian Sign of Libra is connected, mainly by Jungian academics of astrology and psychology, to the fascinating love story between Eros and Psyche. Eros was the divine god of love and Psyche was the beautiful girl in love with him. They were united by a terrible spell; they met, in love, each night but she could never look at his face. Ever more curious, she was edged on by her jealous sisters to prepare an oil lamp so that 'just as soon as he is asleep you can light the lamp and finally see his face'. She naively fell for this and carried out their suggestion. Such was her emotion when she saw her beautiful partner that she let some drops of hot oil fall on the shoulder of her naked beloved.

On him waking up, the spell disappeared (and he with it). psyche set off desperately in search of him, all over the world, and with such perseverance that in the end the gods were moved, and a great wedding feast was held for them in the Heavens. It is important to note that this myth for Libra is one of the few that speaks of real love. It highlights the elitist need of the natives of this sign regarding an individual, exceptional and lasting relationship. When they are disappointed, they are ready to continue on their way and, without hurrying, start looking elsewhere to satisfy their happiness. Libra is sometimes wrongly accused of being flirtatious and superficial. In most cases they are deeply convinced of having found the right partner and then end up being disappointed. They can't stand hypocrisy and do not easily accept compromises. They are linear and exacting in their reasoning, untiring in following their objectives, both within the couple and the balance of social relationships. This is also one of the rare signs that places their relationship with their partner before everything else, even their relationship with their parents. In the face of love, in extreme cases, the female Libra can leave a much loved child, even though suffering acutely for it.