The Myth of the Sign.

Leone69.jpgRobert Graves, an extraordinary Leo himself, was one of the greatest experts on Greek Mythology and dedicated a specific study to Jason and his conquest of the Golden Fleece, a myth that could reflect the Leonine nature as well as that of Aries, even though the Labours of Hercules are usually chosen as the Leonine archetype and myth (it is typical of Leos to dream or fantasise about undertaking great feats). In the myth of Hercules and the lion of Nemea, he tries to drive the invincible lion out of its cave so he can face it in single combat, but to no avail.

After hours of trying and with the aid of magic he is still at the same point. Finally he understands that the only thing to do is to face the animal directly, inside the cave, using only brute strength to overcome it. So he wrestles with it, and with enormous force manages to put his knee on the lion's chest and squeeze till it choked to death.
The explanation is clear; those born under the sign of Leo must face danger directly by themselves, conscious of their own strength, without trying to hide it or use complicated and difficult tactics. They know how to find the strength to act and conquer within themselves. They need to match their strength equally with their opponent's, without expecting favours. From this Leo's strong sense of fair play and loyalty emerges, not only in physical struggle but also in relation to life's difficulties. In the end, the rewards and acknowledgement won give Leo a sense of invincibility and the capacity to feel ready to face new challenges, having matured and become more self aware. Defeats inevitably constitute moments of acute crisis in their life, but also the possibility of complete renewal.