Leo: Summer Fire of the Zodiac

leone150.jpgBetween July and August, in the Mediterranean area where Astrology has evolved, when nature reaches the height of its cyclic seasonal force, the Sun is to be seen moving along the ecliptic through the noble sign of Leo. This sign belongs to the element of Fire and is ruled by the Sun. It is the time of year in which temperatures reach their maximum, the blazing sun tormenting all to the point that those who can go away on holiday, in search of more pleasant climes. Nature is in full bloom, crops are nearing their harvest, and with them comes the summer dances and festivals, as in the thousand stories by the Leonine, Guy de Maupassant.

The 'supremacy' of this season expresses well the characteristic pride of those born under this sign, but also their uncomplicated spirit and psychology. They believe in themselves and love to show off or be admired and applauded, approaching life as if it were a sporting competition, made up of rivalry and comparisons.
Leo, the lion, king of the jungle and leader among animals, does not seem a random choice by the ancients to represent the fifth zodiac sign, and the only one to be dominated by the Sun. The astrological nature of this Fire sign is masculine, enthusiastic, and always willing to take part in the things going on around him. There is a strong symbiosis between the person of the sign and the sun, the dispenser of heat and energy, so that during the summer their energies rise, giving them a sense of invincibility.
Astrology, by its nature, is tied to the seasons. Each one of us reflects the planetary positions present at birth, and Leo, as a 'fixed' sign (an astrological classification referring to a concentration of the seasonal quality) concentrates on summer. This determines a certain pragmatism and difficulty with changing opinion and life style. In the Fire triad, Aries corresponds to the creative spark, the start of combustion, Leo, to the raging fire that spreads and consumes everything with great theatricality, and Sagittarius, the blue fire that burns beneath the ashes. From this it can be seen that Leo is associated with the idea of exaggeration, of emphasis and excess, of a soul that needs to shine and be noticed as someone. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and the number 5 is associated with love (the fire that burns within), passion, procreation, acting and exhibition. Leo is tied to living intensely, from day to day, believing in oneself and what one does, struggling to do it in the best possible way, with conviction.
Self knowledge and believing in one's own worth, passion and enthusiasm, can constitute the fulcrum of the Leonine personality, but also its weak point when confirmation, through either events or other people, is not forthcoming.