Leo and the 12 Ascendants

Leovirgo.jpgOne often hears the word 'ascendant', which from ancient astrology has given us the common expression 'to have ascendancy' over someone, in the sense of exerting influence or control. The Ascendant is the zodiac sign ascending, or rising, over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth and is calculated according to the day, month, year, time and place of birth. It changes throughout the day and can therefore fall in any one of the twelve signs. The Ascendant is the starting point for the division of the zodiac into the astrological houses, each one representing a different area of our life; the 1st - education and childhood, the 2nd - money, the 3rd - studies and siblings, the 4th - family, the 5th - children and love, the 6th - health and work relationships, and so on ... a kaleidoscope that tells the story of our life.

Leo with a Leo Ascendant
With this combination there is a high concentration of energy, a strong and loyal spirit, highly 'charged' up inside. For this reason traditional values and ideals in life are strongly felt. A little theatrical, has fixed opinions, and runs the risk of becoming too rigid.

The Myth of the Sign.

Leone69.jpgRobert Graves, an extraordinary Leo himself, was one of the greatest experts on Greek Mythology and dedicated a specific study to Jason and his conquest of the Golden Fleece, a myth that could reflect the Leonine nature as well as that of Aries, even though the Labours of Hercules are usually chosen as the Leonine archetype and myth (it is typical of Leos to dream or fantasise about undertaking great feats). In the myth of Hercules and the lion of Nemea, he tries to drive the invincible lion out of its cave so he can face it in single combat, but to no avail.

The Sun, Ruler of Leo.

Sole570.jpgEach zodiac sign has a celestial ruler, a planet that characterises and is appropriate to it.
The nobility of this sign is tied to the sovereignty of the Sun, the dispenser of warmth who makes its home in this sign. As the Sun is identified as an archetype of our vital energies it is easy to see how Leo starts off with certain advantages, especially if the risk of an inflated ego can be avoided and the person remains open towards others. Following rules is not difficult, in fact the Sun keeps to defined astronomical movements: each morning at dawn it rises at a precise time, as for its setting at dusk when Phoebus drives his chariot home below the horizon. With regards to the solar system, Venus and Mercury are never far from the Sun, where the Moon ignores certain regularities completely.
The Leonine temperament always accepts to play by the rules!

Leo: Summer Fire of the Zodiac

leone150.jpgBetween July and August, in the Mediterranean area where Astrology has evolved, when nature reaches the height of its cyclic seasonal force, the Sun is to be seen moving along the ecliptic through the noble sign of Leo. This sign belongs to the element of Fire and is ruled by the Sun. It is the time of year in which temperatures reach their maximum, the blazing sun tormenting all to the point that those who can go away on holiday, in search of more pleasant climes. Nature is in full bloom, crops are nearing their harvest, and with them comes the summer dances and festivals, as in the thousand stories by the Leonine, Guy de Maupassant.