Health and Vitality

Gemelli97.jpgThe correspondences between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm indicate the lungs, the respiratory system and the upper limbs as the 'classic' weak points of Gemini, so they need to guard against colds and bronchitis, protect the larynx and the pharynx, and not expose themselves to the cold autumnal air. Nerves and getting enough sleep are other things they need to watch, as Geminis often do not rest enough and above all are not very methodical or organised. They usually don't realise just how delicate their nervous system is, and that they should pay it more attention.

In later life they also need to take care with circulation problems in the lower limbs (especially phlebitis) and look after their diet. Geminis are usually erratic eaters, snacking and eating straight out of the refrigerator, taxing even further their overwork stomachs. Serious discipline regarding food and eating needs to be checked from early childhood to avoid running the risk of chronic and dangerous illness.
Another health problem can arise from the fact that they don't look after themselves methodically, relying on aspirin and suspending treatments before the illness has run its course, therefore risking relapses or leaving themselves vulnerable to other infections or disease. They also have a tendency to bizarre lifestyles that run contrary to the rest of humanity - they eat when they others are in bed asleep, run around at odd times, go on holidays when others are at work and work when the others don't, and so on - preferring to live freely. Often, however, they end up proving they were right in doing as they did, maturing a style of life that would destroy a wise Capricorn but instead strengthens the physical resistance of Gemini.