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Gemelli76.jpgKnowing the time of birth is indispensable to determining the exact position of the Ascendant. It is identified with the sign in the East at the moment of birth. If a person is born at dawn then the Ascendant will be in the same Sun sign, while it is the opposite for those born at sunset. Therefore in the arc of a day it is possible to be born with the Ascendant in anyone of the 12 signs, giving extraordinary possibilities to the make up and facets of a person's nature. Let's look at an interpretative synthesis.

Gemini with a Gemini Ascendant
Doubly characterised by its natal sign, this individual shows great liveliness of spirit, curiosity to know about things and a strong desire for a life always on the move and full of new stimuli. They can usually count on a stimulating education, often stimulated by the open-mindedness of the family and a broad vision that favours acquiring knowledge.

Gemini with a Cancer Ascendant
In this case the typically deep-seated family ties of Cancer tend to put a brake on the mercurial spirit of adventure, in turn favouring inner self-analysis and fostering an interest in psychology. Definitively cutting the umbilical cord usually comes quite late, and with a certain degree of suffering.

Gemini with a Leo Ascendant
The Gemini Air feeds the Leonine Fire, making it more lively and positive. It breeds a pleasant but proud personality, conscious of their social background. They like sport and make friendships that are fundamental to their life.

Gemini with a Virgo Ascendant
This is a strong intellectual combination as both signs are ruled by Mercury. Indicates a personality with an original approach to life, but who needs to establish habits and timetables to feel secure. Can be slightly neurotic.

Gemini with a Libra Ascendant
This accumulation of Air describes a nature that aspires to finding a balance in life, is pleasant to talk to and has many interests. Good taste and aesthetic sense characterise this educated person. Overcomes personal limits through travel and inner development.

Gemini with a Scorpio Ascendant
This is psychologically a very interesting personality, that holds on to some childhood memories, even not easy ones, and at the same time can count on an important moral and material inheritance in life. subtle and intuitive, possessing a keen, if not lively, spirit of observation.

Gemini with a Sagittarius Ascendant
This indicates a person born around sunset. Personal and social relationships are therefore particularly relevant, right from the first years of life. this person possesses a spirit of adventure and feels like a citizen of the world.

Gemini with a Capricorn Ascendant
The conservative style of education received stimulates ambition and the sincere desire to fulfil it. This person works hard and dedicatedly, knowing how to reach their objectives, carrying on family inherited models. Notable love of animals.

Gemini with a Aquarius Ascendant
Two Air signs, both useful for making up an eclectic personality with a wealth of interests, imaginative, creative, even artistic. A lively and stimulating education and strong love of personal liberty complete a pleasing portrait. The choice of partner is selective.

Gemini with a Pisces Ascendant
This is a composite and faceted personality, richly shaded. The two signs are both 'mutable', highlighting a changeable psychological model and always searching for a new balance in life. Achievement is the fruit of a spirit of adventure. A precise routine is needed.

Gemini with a Aries Ascendant
A force of nature, good resistance and capable of expressing themselves through a variety of surprising initiatives. Considerable personal charm and a talent for success. The Aries component heightens impulsiveness, which can become rashness.

Gemini with a Taurus Ascendant
Well defined and healthy educational principles favour clear thinking, specially regarding financial questions. A well balanced personality, with artistic and commercial aptitude. Independence regarding work is essential.