Gemini: the Stimulating Cosmic Wind

Gemelli44.jpgWhen the spring is well advanced and the season is about to pass into summer, the Sun passes through the sign of Gemini. This is the third sign of the Zodiac, belonging to the element of Air and ruled by Mercury. It is an expression of youthful spirit, for which the ancients called those born under this sign 'Puer aeternus', forever young, capable of preserving intact the freshness of their adolescence.

In his 'Lezioni Americane', Italo Calvino speaks of mercurial swiftness in both its physical and psychic/mental aspects, which is always astounding in Gemini subjects. They are usually precocious, with a gift for learning and interested in a thousand different things, carefree and not very inclined to give in to sadness and saturnine behaviour, always ready to turn a new leaf, change surroundings and places, outlook and way of thinking. This flexibility of Gemini, a 'mutable' sign according to astrological tradition, is its great strength. The definition 'mutable' refers to the idea of passing from one season to another, in this case from spring to summer, and therefore presupposes the effect of both seasons on the person, both the mental serenity and pliability that belongs to two different moments of the year and its seasons. Here, spring, characterised by euphoria, blossoming and a rich display of nature, combines with the splendours of summer, the promise of a rich harvest.
The mercurial psychology of Gemini can only be optimistic and trusting of the future, in the conviction that things will eventually work out well. Usually, a person born under Gemini expresses the commonly held idea of the 'duality' of this sign, which is also the only astrological sign represented by two figures. Antique images of the sign (for example, the one in the splendid Zodiac conserved in the Louvre, Paris) show two different faces, or two heads coming out of the same body. This could be interpreted as a duel cerebral component, a confirmation of the high intelligence associated with the sign. It is true that Gemini often presents reality in a highly original and personal way, but this does not have to do with a deliberate lie. On the contrary, Gemini interprets reality creatively, sincerely believing in what they are saying in that moment. In this sense they live in a world of 'virtual' reality which allows them to range between the past, present and future without any problem. This can be a problem for other signs which find it difficult to understand. The Gemini intellect is always at work, which can be a bit frightening for the more methodical, slower and reflective types. Many radio and TV announcers were born under Gemini, the sign most adapted to communication and that ably expresses the reality of our times. Being one of the Air signs gives it a certain instability and a desire to escape the present.