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Cancro108.jpgThe expression 'to have ascendancy over someone' is commonly used to suggest having an influence on them. What is the Ascendant? It is the sign that rises in the East at the moment of birth. It is a fundamental component for understanding astrological secrets in that it marks the beginning of the Houses. Knowing the Ascendant of a person means being able to identify them with a clear and specific type. It is identified with the Ancestral self, education, what existed before birth, even in the sense of specific genetic heredity.

To determine the position of the Ascendant it is necessary to know the exact time of birth and to make a few calculations, taking into account the latitude and the time difference of the place of birth.

Cancer with a Cancer Ascendant
This combination indicates a dawn birth in early summer and with it a vivacious, enterprising personality, also the result of the style of family education. They generally tend to base their life choices on their intuition, feeling the weight of social and couple relationship obligations.

Cancer with a Leo Ascendant
Garibaldi and Sylvester Stallone are examples of this combination, so there is no need to think of it as a timid or overly mild personality but rather people whose education pushes them to do much in life, with pride and sporting spirit. Physically attractive, always tanned, inclined to sport and an active life, this person is tends to give themselves an image of prestige.

Cancer with a Virgo Ascendant
The clear Water of Cancer methodically feeds the Virgoan Earth, making up a clear analytical picture. This is a person suited to science, biology or other fields requiring method or precision. They are slow in their decisions and deductions, creatures of habit, and gifted in many fields

Cancer with a Libra Ascendant
Here is a personality that doesn't go unnoticed and knows how to draw from an old-fashioned education the drive for worthwhile accomplishments in life. It is not easy to harmonise different choices but a sense of balance can be helpful to the solution of possible difficulties. Psychological interests.

Cancer with a Scorpio Ascendant
These two Water signs characterise an intuitive, psychic personality, capable of understanding even what cannot be explained rationally. A psychologically difficult childhood gives way to an aware maturity, often due to numerous journeys to distant places. Touchiness needs to be checked.

Cancer with a Sagittarius Ascendant
Here is a good combination, in which the Sagittarian component suggests an agreeable approach to reality. Reaching maturity is a rather slow process and happens in stages along the road of life. The philosophy of life and choice of a companion can be the bases of a positive and very far-sighted equilibrium.

Cancer with a Capricorn Ascendant
This is a birth at dusk, as the sun is going below the horizon. It describes an ambitious person, emotional but does not want the others to see it, and who tends to get the upper hand in personal relationships both social and in a couple. They often continue family activities, with good results and inheritance prospects.

Cancer with a Aquarius Ascendant
This is a strange mix, in which the modern spirit of Aquarius is combined with the 'antiquated' one of Cancer. The result is a very stimulated, composite and faceted personality. Valuable at work, lunatic in feelings, selective in their choice of partner. They love freedom and are intolerant of narrow conditioning.

Cancer with a Pisces Ascendant
These two Water signs harmonise within the personality, making it highly sensitive and intuitive, but also a bit exhibitionist and sergeant-major like in moments of contradiction. Social relationships are carefully chosen. Apparent commotion often hides clear advantageous choices, that can surprise others.

Cancer with a Aries Ascendant
An apparently discordant combination, impulsive and lively, giving the personality a special 'charge' due to the Aries Ascendant. The role of the family is very important here, to the point that they find it difficult to free themselves of their influence and end up carrying it with them for the rest of their life.

Cancer with a Taurus Ascendant
The Water of Cancer pleasantly showers the good Taurean Earth, cultivating practical sense and an independent spirit, especially with regards to work. There is a clear need for financial security and they choose their partner carefully. They can show artistic and psychoanalytic interest, that should be cultivated.

Cancer with a Gemini Ascendant
These are two neighbouring signs. Gemini can give Cancer greater lightness of spirit and intellectual curiosity, the desire to know about things and to travel, as well as being more independent. The need for financial security is strong and at times holds back the inclination towards studies. Original and imaginative temperament.