Cancer and the 12 Ascendants

Cancro108.jpgThe expression 'to have ascendancy over someone' is commonly used to suggest having an influence on them. What is the Ascendant? It is the sign that rises in the East at the moment of birth. It is a fundamental component for understanding astrological secrets in that it marks the beginning of the Houses. Knowing the Ascendant of a person means being able to identify them with a clear and specific type. It is identified with the Ancestral self, education, what existed before birth, even in the sense of specific genetic heredity.

The Myth of the Sign

Cancro31.jpgWhile most of the zodiac signs refer to classical myths, the Moon is tied to very ancient times, to the Mother Goddesses, of a mainly rural nature. There is a story that tells of Ishtar, a beautiful and transgressive divine oriental priestess who was in love with Tammuz, her adolescent son, the god of vegetation. After the euphoria of this incestuous relationship she realised it was insane and was horrified by it. She decided to have the young object of her desire killed, but immediately after she repented her cruelty. She wanted to get him back by any means, so went to the Underworld herself and offered all her jewels in exchange for his salvation.

The Moon, Ruler of Cancer

Luna54.jpgLuminary of the night, the companion of sailors, a romantic presence - the Moon really doesn't need definitions. In antiquity the Moon was considered masculine, the deus Lunus, the Moon god, which explains its apparent passivity in the sign of Cancer, which is substantially more authoritative and desiring of power than what they care to admit.
Therefore, the traditional concept that sees Cancer as a weak sign, lunatic and in need of protection, is not exactly true. It deals with a 'form' that is not to be understood in a rigid way. The nature of the Moon itself, its orbit, the fact that it goes round the zodiac in less that month, its phases - these are other factors that influence those born under this sign, and therefore used to noticing the mutability of reality right from early childhood, and to love the night, sleep, milk, mother and all the factors that are traditionally connected to the Moon, including the rain and crystal-clear and regenerative water from a limpid source. The Moon as a symbol is developed from inside and lived day-by-day, always changing the perspective ...

Cancer: Sign of Midsummer's Night

Cancro0.jpgThe beginning of the seasons is taken from the Solstices (summer and winter) and the Equinoxes (spring and autumn). In astrology, the signs marking the beginning of a season are considered particularly 'noble' and are known as the Cardinal signs, in reference to the cardinal points, North, South, East and West. Cancer is one of the signs that occupies these points, in the part of the Zodiac where the Sun passes along the Ecliptic between 22 June (the precise date varies from year to year) to around 22 July.