Ariete119.jpgAries is not exactly the most social sign, on the contrary, they know how to blissfully appreciate solitude, but when they give their complete trust to someone they do so with their whole heart and mind. They are loyal and brutally sincere, confiding with pleasure and not hiding anything from their friend and interlocutor. In this sense they can run some risks, also due to a certain naivety, convinced that the others are like them, but unfortunately doesn't often happen in reality, and so leave themselves open to disappointment.

As a result of this, some middle-aged Aries might feel more comfortable at home, though maintaining good social relationships, having learnt the art of secrecy and keeping a distance from experience.
Some friendship break ups can ensue moments of confrontation-conflict during which Aries does not lose grip and becomes even more resolute in their position taken, and end up upsetting the opposition who up to that moment they thought was balanced and affectionate. Family members know these Aries outbursts well, saying nothing and then bringing up the subject again the next day when Aries is in a good temper and very reasonable. This is more difficult for friends to understand and put up with, at least early on in the friendship.
Tests of friendship and affection are at the same time so tangible and positive, to be able to weigh up in favour of the moment in which the friend is uncertain as to carry on the relationship or not. Inevitably, they will end up patiently putting up with Aries outbursts, the price of friendship however constructive and worthwhile!
Aries is never just one of the flock, and stands out from the crowd as being anti-conformist and decided in showing approval or disapproval. Aries never acts out of sheer inertia but generously, from real conviction.