Astrological Eras

Ariete112.jpgAstrological history, as well as considering the well known transits, also takes into account the Zodiacal Eras, periods of many thousands of years resulting from the phenomena known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. Each year the Sun arrives at the Vernal Equinox point a little earlier, only by a matter of seconds, but these gradually add up to determine a global change in the style of life of humanity about every 2,500 years.

Of the most ancient epochs the Age of Gemini corresponds to the first commercial exchanges, the voyages of the Phoenicians and the invention of the alphabet. The Age of Taurus coincides with the period of the cult of the Bull in the Mediterranean and the civilisation of Crete. After this, the Age of Aries corresponds to the great Egyptian and Roman civilisations, their wars and conquests. The Age of Pisces coincides with the advent of Christianity. At the present moment academics have differing ideas about the astrological Age we are now in, but all are convinced that the Age of Aquarius is imminent (for some this Age has already begun, which is also my opinion), symbol of a new style of life with respect to the past. This corresponds to the breaking new frontiers, great migrations of people, ever increasing success of technology and computers, faster communications and other Uranian manifestations. According to some academics the comet Hale-Bopp, which was visible to the naked eye for a long time in the spring of 1997, clearly indicates the start to the Aquarian Age, considering also its orbit of 2,400 years, similar to the length of an Age.