Esoteric Astrology

Gatto68.jpgAccording to astrological tradition each zodiac sign is associated with a series of colours, animals, stones, places, that are also used as good luck charms.
The colour associated with Aries is red, its metal is iron and the part of the body is the head.
The precious stones are amethyst, cornelian, red agate, red garnet and ruby. The minerals are pyrites, sulphur, ochre and all common red stones.
The structure of objects must be simple, uncomplicated, and their economic worth is of little importance when they are attracted to things as if struck by lightening.

Objects are crowns, antique coins stamped with a roman type head, head-dresses with red pendants. A touch of the colour red is always important. Knives, swords, foils, styli, bladed weapons in general, even collection pieces, pocket knives with hundreds of uses, in honour of the planet Mars, ruler of the sign. The animals are lambs, owls and dogs. The season is spring, the city is Naples. Other symbols are the red Sun, Fire, and all expressions of life and energy.
The moment of the day is when the sun suddenly illuminates everything, just after dawn.
In the classification of the humours Aries is choleric. Its planets are sage, olive tree, pink althea, primrose, carnations, thistle, burdock, nettles, onions, rhubarb, pepper, holly, juniper, hemp and poppies.
The favourite taste is bitter and a little sharp. Its perfumes derive from sandalwood, cypress, aloe and myrrh. The musical note attributed to it is G, its month is March and the day is Tuesday.