Ariete100.jpgThough curious about everything and with a desire to learn, Aries is not one to bury themselves in the library, preferring to act rather than sit still and wait for something to happen. They show their inclinations and the path they would like to follow early in life. Often they reject long term study programmes, preferring to find something that satisfies their lively spirit of adventure, and are not fond of studying many hours each day. They are intelligent, enthusiastic about some subjects, but they find it difficult to get to the bottom of things and in some cases may be superficial, concentrating on the fundamental notions that will allow them to get acceptable results. If provoked they can act out of pure stubbornness. They can shine in German, courageously follow law and economics studies, without excessively going on about things, preferring direct experience to great tomes. They are religious in a natural and spontaneous way, trusting to the Heavens.