Health and Vitality

Those born under the sign of Aries need to protect the head, above all in cold climates and during the winter. They need to get enough rest, have regular dental check ups and guard against the dangers of always being in a hurry which affects the digestion and increases the risk of sports injury. It is not easy for this sign to think in terms of prevention; more often than not they very distracted in this respect until they don't feel well, when then they can follow advice to the letter, passing from boldness to obvious fear. It is highly unlikely that Aries fall prey to depression or states of exhaustion.

Except in exceptional circumstances they generally face every type of obstacle with decision and without fear or mental evasion. They can run the risk of not looking after themselves as they are not prepared to stay in bed 'just for a temperature'. Rashes can spread quickly, but heal just as fast. It is best to always protect the head, the weak point of the sign, in any type of sport, not only on motorbikes but also when horse riding.