The Myth of the Sign

Ariete114.jpgJason, the famous Greek hero who led the Argonauts on the conquest of the mythical Golden Fleece, is a typically Arien hero. To reach his ideal he availed himself of the help of Medusa, who was in love with him, but then forgot about her spirit of sacrifice once he had reach his objective, and finished up suffering the terrible consequences. In the same way, those born under this sign are just as impulsive in undertaking a particular path or following a vocation or their aspirations.

Mars, the ruler of Aries

Marte318.jpgAstrological tradition assigns a ruling planet to each sign, which also transmits its fundamental characteristics to the sign. Aries is closely tied to Mars, the god of war. It takes about two years to complete its passage through the signs of the zodiac, remaining a couple of months in each. Mars brings with it the initiative, decision and impulsiveness typical of Aries, which are, at the same time, its good qualities and its bad. Aries is traditionally classified as masculine and a Fire sign. The glyph for Mars is well known as the symbol for the male sex (?), while the symbol of Venus is used for the female. It is a symbolic synthesis of the sword and the phallus. Also female Aries are strongly influenced by Mars, having a love of personal freedom which that express with courage and independent spirit, and winning the respect of others

Aries: the Creative Spark of the Zodiac

Ariete133.jpgSpring begins each year on the 21st of March with an explosion of light and colour after the long winter in our temperate latitudes. The Sun begins to heat more and the magic of spring begins. It is a time of awakening sentiments and new loves, while nature shakes off the torpor of the previous months. In the sky the Sun triumphantly enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, a Fire sign, ruled by Mars. Astronomers also take the First Point of Aries, the Equinox point, as the beginning of the year.
According to tradition, each zodiac sign is associated with a planet.