Astrological Eras

Ariete112.jpgAstrological history, as well as considering the well known transits, also takes into account the Zodiacal Eras, periods of many thousands of years resulting from the phenomena known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. Each year the Sun arrives at the Vernal Equinox point a little earlier, only by a matter of seconds, but these gradually add up to determine a global change in the style of life of humanity about every 2,500 years.


Ariete119.jpgAries is not exactly the most social sign, on the contrary, they know how to blissfully appreciate solitude, but when they give their complete trust to someone they do so with their whole heart and mind. They are loyal and brutally sincere, confiding with pleasure and not hiding anything from their friend and interlocutor. In this sense they can run some risks, also due to a certain naivety, convinced that the others are like them, but unfortunately doesn't often happen in reality, and so leave themselves open to disappointment.

Esoteric Astrology

Gatto68.jpgAccording to astrological tradition each zodiac sign is associated with a series of colours, animals, stones, places, that are also used as good luck charms.
The colour associated with Aries is red, its metal is iron and the part of the body is the head.
The precious stones are amethyst, cornelian, red agate, red garnet and ruby. The minerals are pyrites, sulphur, ochre and all common red stones.
The structure of objects must be simple, uncomplicated, and their economic worth is of little importance when they are attracted to things as if struck by lightening.


Ariete17.jpgWealth, elaborate styles, complicated architecture, do not attract the Aries soul, which is suited to a real house, the type that every child draws, with a path, trees, smoke coming out of the chimney, red bricks and flowers on the balcony. Metal fixtures, rails, iron gates and lace-iron bars on the windows can give them a sense of security. Even in the city Aries chooses a house well lit by the sun, without complicated furnishings: the bedroom, a bed for sleeping, the kitchen, a stove for cooking, and so on. The garden should have brightly coloured flowers and some fruit trees - cherry, peach and plum, in happy disarray. Iron gardening equipment and a set of sharp knives in the kitchen. Even with success their tastes do not change. They add to the comforts but the idea of a simple life remains. The house is at the service of those who live in it, and not vice-versa...