The Myth of the Sign

Bilancia554.jpgThe Venusian Sign of Libra is connected, mainly by Jungian academics of astrology and psychology, to the fascinating love story between Eros and Psyche. Eros was the divine god of love and Psyche was the beautiful girl in love with him. They were united by a terrible spell; they met, in love, each night but she could never look at his face. Ever more curious, she was edged on by her jealous sisters to prepare an oil lamp so that 'just as soon as he is asleep you can light the lamp and finally see his face'. She naively fell for this and carried out their suggestion. Such was her emotion when she saw her beautiful partner that she let some drops of hot oil fall on the shoulder of her naked beloved.

Venus, Ruler of Libra

Venere264.jpgTo be born under a sign of Venus is a good start, as there are planets which are much less accommodating, more serious or severe. Venus - Aphrodite, goddess of love and the protagonist of many passionate and transgressive affairs, with the majority of the gods on Olympus, well describes the need for love of this sign, and given that there are two parts to these scales, also the need of a balanced relationship, the inner aspiration of finding a partner with whom to go along the path of life with.
Venus was born from a violent act, when Saturn castrated his father Uranus, god of the sky, and threw his male member into the Mediterranean Sea. From its violent impact with the water, not far from the island of Cyprus, the goddess of beauty burst forth from the foamy water. A splendid, uninhibited creature, capable of seducing all men and gods indifferently.

Libra: the Sign of Justice

bilancia19.jpgAt the end of summer in and around the Mediterranean area the length of the days begin to equal the length of the nights. This is the time of the autumnal Equinox, which astrologically marks the beginning of the sign of Libra. Astrology observes the affinity between the seasonal evolution and the nature of the person born into that time of year. In ancient times the Zodiac was first formed by 10 signs, passing to 11 before finally ending up with 12. The last sign to be included in the Zodiac was Libra, formed by detaching the pincers from the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio in Love with the 12 Signs

Scorpione30.jpgWhen passion is one of the fundamental driving forces in life then falling in love has great intensity, and all the signs can offer alluring incentives.

Scorpio in love with a Scorpio: This encounter is not very frequent. Loving oneself mirrored in a pool of water like Narcissus is not easy. There is the advantage of being confronted with one's own reality, but the position of the other planets can define a different approach to love. Passion is intense and lasting.

Scorpio in love with a Sagittarius: These are two neighbouring zodiac signs so it is possible that Sagittarius has Venus in Scorpio or vice-versa. The second sign works beneficially on the first, giving a more optimistic and serene vision of life, but which can sometimes seem a little superficial to Scorpio. This union can be enduring.