Virgo: Analyser of Daily life

VergineCostellazione.jpgAs the big summer heat wanes, nature relaxes and offers its more beautiful colours, heralding the coming of nearby autumn. The green hues mix with yellow and lose their intensity as the most important jobs of the agricultural year are completed, together signalling the last rays of summer, the first sign of the change of season.

Libra in Love with the 12 Signs

Bilancia475.jpgStarting up an affectionate friendship with representatives of all the signs is typical of Libra, who wants to be able to make comparisons before reaching a definitive and monogamous decision.

Libra in love with a Libra
There can be a slight social competitiveness between these two and possible monotony. There are however good reasons for an affinity between the two, who have many interests in common. They can have an intense social life in socially refined settings, surrounding themselves with people and things of quality.

Libra in love with a Scorpio
With this combination it is probable that Libra has Venus in Scorpio or vice-versa, which would accentuate the fatal attraction between the two signs.

Health and Vitality

Bilancia550.jpgOne of the first physical characteristics of those born under the seventh sign of the zodiac is an apparent robustness that does not often correspond to the real situation. Attention needs to be paid to getting sufficient rest, without expecting to much from themselves in the course of the day and wasting lot of nervous energy. They are ideally suited to a comfortable, calm and sedate life, also from a financial point of view, and a profession that seems more like a worthwhile hobby. These are the bases for living a long life, firstly, in harmony with themselves, then with the rest.

Libra and the 12 Ascendants

Bilancia18.jpgThe pattern of sky at our births is unique and unlikely to be repeated for many thousands of years. It is made up of planets, stars and their division into 12 sectors, called houses. The 1st house begins with the Ascendant, which is defined as the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, varying by 1° every 4 minutes, so that in 24 hours it covers all the signs. It can therefore be found at any place along the ecliptic. Its position is calculated from the time of birth, taking into consideration the latitude and longitude of the place of birth and any time changes, such as summer time. Those born at dawn usually have the Ascendant in the same sign as their Sun.