Taurus and the 12 Ascendants

Toro125.jpgIt is always difficult to discover the exact time of birth, though certain countries require it for the registration of birth, making it easy to find this essential detail for calculating the Ascendant. This is the degree of the Ecliptic on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth. In 24 hours the Ascendant can be located anywhere along the 360° of the Zodiac thereby offering all possible combinations of sign and Ascendant. Those born at dawn will have their Ascendant in the same sign as the Sun, while the opposite is true for a birth at sunset, the Ascendant being in the sign opposite the Sun.

Taurus with a Taurus Ascendant
Here is a decisive, energetic individual, a hard worker, often following in the family line of business from adolescence onwards, and upholding family traditions. They are more inclined to the practical than the theoretical, sophisticated in some things and naive about others.

The Myth of the Sign

Toro127.jpgDepth psychology has linked some of the ancient myths and archetypes to the signs of the Zodiac and the fundamental planets. The sign of Taurus takes us to the island of Crete, governed by the cruel and despotic patriarchal sovereign Minos, husband of Pasiphae. One day, Neptune-Poseidon, god of the sea, asked the king to sacrifice a beautiful white bull, the pride of the royal herd. The reflected all night on the god's request (giving things up is very difficult for Taurus) and in the end he decided to sacrifice another white bull, but Neptune immediately noticed his deceit and as a punishment he made his wife Pasiphae sexually desire the bull, who had a wooden bull made so she could mate with it. The result of this union was the terrible Minotaur, a living symbol of the king's offence and the excesses of the queen. The king called the royal architect Daedalus to build a labyrinth to restrain it.

Venus, Ruler of Taurus

venere888.jpgEach zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, and in this case Taurus is privileged by the favours of Venus-Aphrodite, the uninhibited goddess of love, the morning and evening star, protectress of sailors and excellent inspirer of love and aesthetic qualities. Her birth is indicative of her passionate nature. During the power struggle on Olympus, when Saturn-Chronos castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitals into the Mediterranean Sea. From the drops of blood from his penis that fell into the waters round Cyprus, a wonderful creature emerged from the sea, fruit of so much vitality - the splendid and fascinating Venus, dangerous in her unconstrained love affairs, as for example with the Trojan war. Wife of Vulcan-Hephaestus and passionate lover of Mars, she also seduced most of the gods on Olympus, capable of arousing their desire with her subtle art and never tiring of amorous skirmishes.

Taurus: Sign of Harmonious Possession

Toro119.jpgThe ancient, wise watchers of the Heavens gave the zodiac signs names connected to the agricultural, meteorological and seasonal periods of the year. Between 21 April and 20 May vegetation and flowering develops, animals mate, nature recuperates its vigour and stabilises after the rigours of winter and the evolutionary and creative drive of spring. The sequence of the signs is a continual repetition of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The bull, an animal which has long been worshipped in the Mediterranean area, symbolises agriculture, the seasonal movement of tribes and livestock to new pastures, a testimony to ancient times when the rhythm of life was totally tuned to the needs of the flock - the heritage of wealth of the human community, a settlement of related groups, which were regulated by strict and precise laws.